Vol. 38 (2020-2021)

Prose: Emma Wolfe, “Night Fishing” (chosen by Jericho Parms)

Poetry: Phoenix Kendall, “Daddy Issues” (chosen by Graham Barnhart)

Vol. 37 (2019)

Prose: Priya Tait, “A Thousand Ships” (chosen by Dustin Parsons)

Poetry:  Maurice Norman, “Loose Gravel” (chosen by Aimee Nezhukumatathil)

Vol. 36 (2018)

Prose: Annie Hilenski, “Near Fall” (chosen by BJ Hollars)

Poetry: Sofia Fall, “For You, If You Would Take Our Bodies” (chosen by Natalie Scenters-Zapico)

Vol. 34/35 (2016-17 Double Issue)

Prose: Rachel Krumenacker, “The High Place Phenomenon” (chosen by Catherine Chung) Poetry: Anna Goodson, “Anacuisus” (chosen by Nickole Brown and Jessica Jacobs)

Vol. 33 (2015)

Prose: Katie Antonsson, “Santa Ana” (chosen by Harrison Candelaria Fletcher)

Poetry: Kelly Barraza, “Sunday Meditations” (chosen by Eduardo C. Corral)

Vol. 32 (2014)
Poetry: Emily Pittinos, “Benzie County, Michigan” (chosen by Richard Blanco)
Prose: Ben Sandman, “Midway” (chosen by Benjamin Busch)

Vol. 30 (2012)
Poetry: Nicole Balin, “los angeles” (chosen by Shara McCallum)
Prose: Andrew Waddell, “Wells” (chosen by Pam Houston)

Vol. 29 (2011)
Poetry: Erin Dakas, “Thunderdays” (chosen by Andrew Hudgins)
Prose: Steven Reaugh, “Dough Soul” (chosen by Scott Russell Sanders)

Vol. 28 (2010)
Poetry: Samuel Holley, “A Balloon or a Key” (chosen by Geoffrey Brock)
Prose: Simon Han, “And a Pack of Gum” (chosen by Padma Viswanathan)

Vol. 27 (2009)
Poetry: Jacques Rancourt, “Aubade with Two Moose” (chosen by Mark Doty)
Prose: Marilyn Miller, “The Snake Wrangler” (chosen by Paul Lisicky)

Vol, 26 (2008)
Poetry: Robert Campbell, “An Appalachian Book of the Dead” (chosen by Philip Terman)
Prose: Mackenzie Shay, “Our Circle” (chosen by Christopher Castellani)

Vol. 25 (2007)
Poetry: Zebulon Husset, “Shooting Stars” (chosen by Marilyn Chin)
Prose: Ashley Wurzbacher, “The Invisible” (chosen by Christina Milletti)

Vol. 24 (2006)
Poetry: Amanda Auchter, “Birthmother Poem” (chosen by Beth Gylys)
Prose: Ben Goldfarb, “Awful Knowledge” (chosen by Sarah Willis)

Vol. 23 (2005)
Poetry: Karen Zaino, “Hymen” (chosen by Richard Howard)
Prose: Karl Stampfl, “The Other Grace Mandlebaum” (chosen by Joanna Scott)

Vol. 22 (2004)
Poetry: Ingrid Moody, “Onions” (chosen by Aliki Barnstone)
Prose: Camron Terwilliger, “Lighthouse Keeper” (chosen by Christopher Tilghman)

Vol. 21 (2003)
Poetry: Nilay Gandhi, “Derrida’s Cow” (chosen by Jane McCafferty)
Prose: Alex Taylor, “Dog Births” and Ann Karni, “Bus Girl” (chosen by Jane McCafferty)

Vol 20 (2002)
Poetry: Jennifer Whitaker, “Lines” (chosen by Robert Phillips)
Prose: Noelle Hufnagel, “Expecting” (chosen by Robert Phillips)


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