The Editorial Board

The group that selects the works for The Allegheny Review is made up of undergraduate students attending Allegheny College. We work to choose the most outstanding poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and artwork submitted, and to place those works in the yearly publication of The Allegheny Review to represent undergraduate creativity across the world. It is a laborious but extremely rewarding job. We enjoy reading the work of students from across the country, and we learn more about ourselves through the editorial process.

Senior Editors: Shira Haus, Lindsey Klingberg, and Hayley Simon

Faculty Advisor:
Christopher Bakken, professor of English and creative writing at Allegheny College

The Allegheny Review is a non-profit publication. Though funding is generously supplied by the Dean of the College, the Review does not reflect the opinions or policies of Allegheny College.